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Aviso importante. ¡¡El 1 de noviembre estrenamos nuestra nueva web!!

Virtual Medical Vision
A tool for on-line help to the study,
understanding and presentation
of the human anatomy.

¿What's VMV 3D?

- Anatomy's Web Site
- Atlas of Anatomy full 3-D
- Atlas of Histology with 75 histological cuts
- Radiology Atlas with more than 14,000 radiological images
- Photo Gallery and rendering
- Scientific Rigor
- For students / Teaching / Professional
- User friendly Tool
- Different access levels

New 3D viewer!

With the 3D Visor, we will be able to access the different anatomical regions.


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Distribuidor Oficial a México

Journals Online

Distribuidor para Ecuador y Centro América


Scientific Rigour:

The Human Anatomy Interactive Atlas 3D developed is accurate to the human morphology, it has been supervised by teacher accredited of the Anatomy University Chair from Barcelona’s Medicine Faculty, it is formed for approximately 800 anatomic elements modelled in 3D and represented in 25 anatomic regions.
There is an Image Gallery whith an anatomy photographic collection that includes approximately 100 anatomic pictures obtained from dissections on crio-preserved corps (classified by anatomics structures) that will periodically be updated, it will also include images collections obtained by rendering from the anatomic model 3D, several ways of surgical boarding, special technical surgical, among other.


Atlas that allows to facilitate the professional Doctor-Patient relationship, indicated by medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy and nursing teachers and students utilization. Recommended for the health professionals directly related with anatomy (trauma, surgeons, osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs, nurses, dentists, podiatrists, etc.) and any health professional in assets.


The Atlas helps to understand the anatomy, the relationships among the different anatomic elements that forms up of the human body, let’s visualize anatomic elements, belch them 360 ° and to achieve in few movements the image looked for, obtaining impossible views of achieving through pre-configured models and/or static. It allows to generate images 2D from the browser for its posterior utilization in documentation, slides, presentations, dissertations.


Any adult person or professional, with anatomy's knowledge will be able to access, previous payment of a mensual, semi-annual or annual fee (consult conditions on Registering). Tthat will allow you to carry out consultations|consulting|surgeries, to use the Visor3D and its functionality about the different 25 models or anatomic regions represented. Also to use the Data Base of International Anatomic Terminology for carrying out searches of anatomic elements and to access in the Photo Galleries and Images as well as in other services like Videos, etc.

Any Medicine Faculty or Health Sciences School can access in the Anatomic Atlas 3D, it will only be necessary to get in touch with 3DVisiomedicavirtual, s.l. and to study together the conditions for you and private of the digital contents of the Web Page. There is the possibility, according to the type of agreement, of opening the access to student's restricted groups or to the whole center. It will depend on the needs of each center.

Images galleries!

Ilustrations Galery

Anatomic images gallery carried out by Dr. Iván Sáenz and Dr. Oscar Fariñas, renewed monthly and with possibility to carry out individuals them to measure of agreement in needs.

These images are the result of a great dissection work about anatomic críopreservated bodies, being from great utility for the healthcare professionals, have been presented in many traumatology national congresses and national / international courses.

go to the gallery

Photografy Gallery

This project also brings high resolution graphical material interesting for the graphic press professionals, for marketing product managers of pharmaceutical laboratories and sale nets formers, that works in the healthcare sector.

go to the gallery

Esta web es compatible con los Sistemas Operativos siguientes:

Modelos3D: acepta Windows 7 Vista, Windows8.1 y MacOsX.

Atlas de Radiología: necesita Adobe Flash instalado para su funcionamiento.

Los modelos 3D NO son compatibles con Windows10, Android y iOS.

Why register?

You can access to the store to purchase those anatomical photographs and 3D virtual llustrations to your interests. 
Step prior to the purchase of a subscription.


Annual subscription

Allows access to all the portal Atlas of Anatomy.
3D Atlas of Anatomy (43 3D-models)
Atlas of Histology, 75 histological sections of the human body
Atlas of Radiology, 14,000 Radiological images


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