3D Anatomy

A project developed by Visión Médica Virtual, in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy of the Faculties of Medicine of the University of Barcelona and the Rey Juan Carlos University as scientific advisors in human anatomy.

Subscription to the Anatomy Atlas (includes 3D Anatomy, Radiology, Histology)
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Anatomía 3D

An interactive 3d atlas of human anatomy, accessible by internet, which is brought through anatomic structures grouped in regions or substructures (apparatus and systems)

The project arose from the need for a virtual 3D anatomical model that could be used for teaching in first, second and postgraduate Health Sciences courses (medicine, physiotherapy, nursing, osteopathy, sports medicine, movement biomechanics, etc.), and as a teaching aid for students and / or groups enrolled in continuing education courses.

Now it is possible to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to facilitate the access of health professionals and students to multimedia content. The Internet has become a tool increasingly used in the knowledge society.

This project also provides high resolution graphic material. With the browsers, images can be generated on demand

The user can access a gallery of images generated with our tools and also artistic anatomical photographs provided by medical specialists.

Anatomía 3D