About us

3DVisiomedicavirtual is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the digital content market.

Our goal is to provide our Anatomy Portal software to the market, which is based on ICT's and allows online viewing on the Internet.

Portal of Human Anatomy includes: three atlases that allow knowing the human anatomy from three different perspectives:

Interactive 3D Atlas of human anatomy of high scientific-medical rigor, contains more than 900 anatomical elements labeled in 5 languages.

Atlas of Histology or Micro Anatomy, contains more than 700 histological images

Atlas of Radiology by the sectional image, contains more than 14,000 images obtained by different radiological techniques..
Study guides, self-training tool on anatomy (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves, lymphs, organs and senses) allowing the student to know their level of knowledge through a test based on more than 1,100 test questions .

The self-training system of the guides presents 4 possible answers for each question. The correct answer is only one. All questions are presented randomly. At the end of the test, the system indicates the% of correct answers and for each question a feed back is included explaining the correct answer for the student's knowledge. The student can extract the results of each test in PDF format for later printing.
Anatomical terminology, dictionary in 5 languages (Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian, French) that allows to know the equivalent of the payroll of an element in any language. In addition, it allows you to connect automatically to Google Academic and PubMed.

Gallery of anatomical images, set of images referring to anatomy obtained through professional photography, scanner, radiology (CT's, RNM's, RX, Ultrasound, PET, Rendering, etc.), images obtained from Visor3D itself, etc. It contains more than 700 images.

This Portal of Anatomy is unique, in Spanish language, in the world.

¿Who makes up our work team?

After 10 years working (2008-2018), we have collaborated with many people who have accompanied us professionally, altruistically and who have believed in our project..

Year 2018.-

The working team for the launch of the new 3D Visiomedicavirtual website is composed by Jordi Espuny as responsible for the design and programming of the web. Responsible for the migration of digital content and coordinator with the area of graphic design and layout (Mr. Xavier Colomer).

This year we give special importance to the contents translated into different languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian and Portuguese).

In addition, we open our market strategy to reach health professionals. This will force us to think about new marketing strategies "one to one" in order to expand our presence in the market.

Year 2014 -

The team of the second anatomical review (2014) and the launch of the new Visual Interface (Visor3D) have composed it:

Anatomical review, carried out by Dr. Francisco Gómez Esquer, Department of the Area of Human Anatomy and Embryology, of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Review 3D models and development Visual Interface for Web and APP for Tablet (Apple and Android), Mr. Javier Regueiro Castellanos Alterna3D.

Market Strategy, Mr. Jesús Lázaro and Mr. Carlos Ubach.

Year 2008.-

The team of 3DVisiomedicavirtual in 2008 was composed of:

Dr. Iván Sáenz Navarro (traumatologist and surgeon) and Associate Professor of the Anatomy Department of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona (Spain)

Web development, 3D programming and graphic design made by the company zoom3.net

3D made by the company Alterna3D

Market strategy, AUSEBA, S.A.

Atlas of Histology, the histological sections are provided by the company GENOMEDU, S.L.

Atlas of Radiology, the images and their presentation are developed by Dr. Tomás Sempere and its commercialization through the company Loki&Dimas, S.L.

¿Who is this 3D multimedia material for?

This material is developed for the use mainly of:

o Students

o Teachers or educators

o Health professionals

• This material has been developed and produced in Barcelona (Spain) and our website is ready to be consulted in several languages, depending on the different countries from which the professionals interested in your query come from.