Anatomical Terminology

Anatomical Terminology (TA) is the international standard on human anatomic terminology. It was developed by the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FCAT) and the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) and was released in 1998.[1] It supersedes the previous standard, Nomina Anatomica.[2] Terminologia Anatomica contains terminology for about 7500 human gross (macroscopic) anatomical structures.[3] In April 2011, Terminologia Anatomica has been published online by the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT), the successor of FCAT.

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Nombre Nombre latín Código
Vertical Verticalis A01.0.00.001
Horizontal Horizontalis A01.0.00.002
Median Medianus A01.0.00.003
Coronal Coronalis A01.0.00.004
Sagittal Sagittalis A01.0.00.005
Right Dexter A01.0.00.006
Left Sinister A01.0.00.007
Intermedíate Intermedius A01.0.00.008
Medial Medialis A01.0.00.009
Lateral Lateralis A01.0.00.010
Anterior Anterior A01.0.00.011
Posterior Posterior A01.0.00.012
Ventral Ventralis A01.0.00.013
Dorsal Dorsalis A01.0.00.014
Frontal Frontalis A01.0.00.015
Occipital Occipitalis A01.0.00.016
Superior Superior A01.0.00.017
Inferior Inferior A01.0.00.018
Cranial Cranialís A01.0.00.019
Caudal Caudalis A01.0.00.020
Rostral Rostralis A01.0.00.021
Apical Apicalís A01.0.00.022
Basal Basalis A01.0.00.023
Basilar Basilaris A01.0.00.024
Middle Medius A01.0.00.025
Transverse Transversus A01.0.00.026
Transverse Transversalis A01.0.00.027
Longitudinal Longitudinalis A01.0.00.028
Axial Axialis A01.0.00.029
External Externus A01.0.00.030
Internal Interous A01.0.00.031
Luminal Luminalis A01.0.00.032
Superficial Superficialis A01.0.00.033
Deep Profundus A01.0.00.034
Proximal Proximalis A01.0.00.035
Distal Distalis A01.0.00.036
Central Centralis A01.0.00.037
Peripheral Periphericus; Peripheralis A01.0.00.038
Radial Radialis A01.0.00.039
Ulnar Ulnaris A01.0.00.040
Fibular; Peroneal Fibularis; Peronealis A01.0.00.041
Tibial Tibialis A01.0.00.042
Palmar: Volar Palmaris; Volaris A01.0.00.043
Plantar Plantaris A01.0.00.044
Flexor Flexor A01.0.00.045
Extensor Extensor A01.0.00.046
Head Caput A01.1.00.001
Forehead Sinciput A01.1.00.002
Occiput Occiput A01.1.00.003
Temple Témpora A01.1.00.004