Images of the shoulder girdle

Photographs of the shoulder joint complex, multiple views and components of this complex joint.

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glenohumeral ligaments

Vision intraarticular (posterior) of the glenohumeral ligaments

Coracohumeral ligament.

Lateral view of shoulder to appreciate the location of the coracohumeral ligament.

Coracoacromial ligament.

Anterior view of the coracoacromial ligament accompanied by the acromial branch of acromio-thoracic artery.

Anterior glenohumeral capsule.

Anterior view of the glenohumeral capsule after rejecting the subscapularis.

Glenoid labrum.

Lateral view of glenoid labrum with the contribution of fibers from the tendon of the long portion of biceps.

Subacromial bursa.

Anterior view of the subacromial bursa that has been stimulated with air.

Glenoid labrum and joint capsule.

Detail of the specialization of the anterior glenohumeral capsule by the presence of the glenohumeral ligaments.