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Galleries: Images of the shoulder girdle

Zone: Scapular Waist

Category: Articular

We inform that these images might offend the sensibilities of some people
  • Anterior glenohumeral capsule.

    Anterior glenohumeral capsule.

    Anterior view of the glenohumeral capsule after rejecting the subscapularis.


  • Glenoid labrum.

    Glenoid labrum.

    Lateral view of glenoid labrum with the contribution of fibers from the tendon of the long portion of biceps.


  • Subacromial bursa.

    Subacromial bursa.

    Anterior view of the subacromial bursa that has been stimulated with air.


  • Glenoid labrum and joint capsule.

    Glenoid labrum and joint capsule.

    Detail of the specialization of the anterior glenohumeral capsule by the presence of the glenohumeral ligaments.


  • glenohumeral ligaments

    glenohumeral ligaments

    Vision intraarticular (posterior) of the glenohumeral ligaments


  • Coracohumeral ligament.

    Coracohumeral ligament.

    Lateral view of shoulder to appreciate the location of the coracohumeral ligament.


  • Coracoacromial ligament.

    Coracoacromial ligament.

    Anterior view of the coracoacromial ligament accompanied by the acromial branch of acromio-thoracic artery.