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Virtual Medical Vision
A tool for on-line help to the study,
understanding and presentation
of the human anatomy.

Legal Terms


The utilization of the pages of constitutes the acceptance of the terms that next develop. If Ud. it|he|she does not agree with these terms and conditions he|she|it does not have to use

1. - Limitation of responsibility.

The goal of is to offer physiotherapy, infirmary, osteopathy, etc to its|his|her|their service users of information and documentation scientific as well as to|in several professional services and of Added Value, corresponding to the sectors of the medicine, 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. is reserved the law|right of modifying or changing in any moment, in a unilateral way and without previous notice|warning the contents and services, as well as its|his|her|their form of presentation and the modality of access in the same ones, free or of payment.

Formerly to|in the utilization of the contents and services of, the user has to read the included conditions under the Legal Notice epigraph, conditions that will be able to be modified in any moment, in a way unilateral and without previous notice|warning on the part of 3 DVisiomedicavirtual S.L. Those conditions that feel in force in every instant will be considered of only application and exclusively. supplies bonds in other of his|hers|theirs with Internet for convenience of the users of the World Wide Web but he|she is not person responsible for the availability, adequacy or contents of the mentioned places. it|he|she does not recommend, guarantees or subscribes the products or services described|portrayed or offered by the same ones.

Although the maximum care|cure in the information and documentation disposable has been put in|on the headquarters|venue itself|herself, it|he|she does not guarantee explicitly or implicitly the suitability of the same one for the purposes pursued by the users. The contents can suffer from inaccuracies or typographical or orthographic errors. Consequently, will ever not be a person responsible for the utilization that the users act|make as the mentioned contents, accepting these the information supplied just like that, and making use of the same one under its|his|her|their strict responsibility. supplies big part of its|his|her|their services in free way to its|his|her|their users and these assume that for the funding of the headquarters|venue advertising contents will be able to turn up in different deliveries of the same one or spaces of access restricted to subscribers. The step of the free modality to|in the method of payment, for all or part of the contents and services of it will be able to be made in a way unilateral and without previous notice|warning on the part of 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. without having the users of right to any compensation for this circumstance.

Visionmedicavirtual, S.L. it will not be person responsible for the damages and/or harm that can be brought about as a consequence of the indisponibilitat or lack of continuity or access to the contents or services of, either for reasons technical or of any other nature. 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. either it will be person responsible for the errors or bankruptcies|failures in the functioning|operation of its|his|her|their web page, errors, omissions, delays in the transmissions of the datum or lines of connection and other incidences that can appear. In the same meaning|sense, 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. it|he|she does not guarantee that there can not be computer viruses in its|his|her|their computer system and it will not be because of that a person responsible for the eventual damages that the mentioned computer viruses could|might bring about the equipment|teams, datum and/or computer programs of the users.

2. - Protection of Personal Character Datum.

The datum of personal character asked for by 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. of the user they are protected by the one ordered in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Protection of Personal Character Datum. 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. it|he|she is a lot sensitized in the face of the respect that the privacitat of its|his|her|their users deserves, for which it|he|she sustains a strict Policy|Politics of Privacitat.

3. - Legality of contents and rights of estate|property.

The user forces himself to using correctly and lawfully the contents and services of abstaining from using the mentioned contents or services with illicit or criminal commercial purposes.

Besides the trademarks of 3DVisiomedicavirtual, S.L. any other trademarks that they can turn up in the contents and services of are an property of the respective holders of the same ones. The fact that trademarks or any other goods or rights protected by the regulations of patent rights or intellectual can turn up in does not mean under any concept that the holders of the rights are conceding a license of use, concession or authorization of any type in favor of the users of

It has put on an exquisite care| in avoiding offenses of rights of copyright or industrialist, as well as avoiding the bolc of illicit contents or the establishment of bonds on other pages that contain them. However, all users who denounce those cases that for error or omission have been able to be committed in one of the mentioned circumstances, for their immediate amendment, are warned.

Without harm of the one ordered in the former paragraph, the contents or services of they will not be able to be copied, distributed, published, stored engravings, sent or not transmitted by any way, without the previous consent in writing of 3 DVisionmedicavirtual, S.L. The modification or the utilization of the contents with any other purpose than the own use on the part of physical persons, or commercial or of any other nature, constitutes a violation and offense of the rights of copyright and industrialist and 3DVisionmedicavirtual, S.L. is reserved the right of exercising the legal actions that his case correspond until the total satisfaction of their interests.

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